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Ten Features That Your Learning & Talent Management Suite Does Not Provide (unless you are already using KMx)

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The following list of features are not found in any of our competitors offerings.  These features are fundamental to Advanced Distributed Learning and have been determined to be "required" capabilities by nearly all of our clients. While not intended to be a comprehensive list of features that differentiate KMx from competitive offerings, the list does demonstrate the values and vision that KMSI has brought to the industry.
1.  KMx fully automates the import and conversion of Microsoft Office ® files for use as eLearning.
  1. Maintains all native animations, interactivity, branching, indexing and voiceover narrations.
  2. Creates extremely bandwidth friendly runtime files that can include graphics, audio, video, flash and timed sequences.
  3. Enables editing in Microsoft Office ® post conversion.
  4. Provides Shareable Content Object Reference Module (SCORM) Run-Time Environment book marking, session time management, completion status management and navigation recording.
  5. Provides fully SCORM conformant reusable learning objects that will export to any SCORM conformant LMS/LCMS.
  6. Enables courseware developers to use MS PowerPoint ® to create SCORM conformant eLearning that rivals the output of any eLearning authoring suite, without any programming.

2.  KMx provides a comprehensive testing and examination system suitable for high-stakes exams.

  1. Extensive test item types including true/false, multiple choice 3-6 answer, fill-in, likert scale, matching and drop-down lists.
  2. Pool and specification based test item randomization.
  3. Test item answer randomization.
  4. Timed testing.
  5. Proctored testing.
  6. Scored, un-scored and weighted testing.
  7. Complete test item and test reuse with fully independent weighting, retake, pre-requisite management and test item response analysis.
  8. Use of supporting media including audio, video, flash, graphics, supporting documentation and more.
  9. Enables authors to provide end-users with test item remediation, rationale, references and more.
  10. Enables behavioral indexing of all test items and their use for organizational analysis, competency and talent management.

3.  KMx automates the development of task analysis data, behaviorally specific course learning objectives and course outlines.

  1. Incorporates the Performance-Based objective construction model (behavior, condition & standard) that leverages customizable learning templates.
  2. Automatically links objectives to learning content, testing materials and student performance information.
  3. Enables Return On Investment (ROI) assessment, reporting and management at the learning objective level.
  4. Expert system technology that uses either client developed or system developed learning objectives to determine the most efficient course outline.
  5. Provide “what if” capabilities to experiment with course outlines to determine learning outcome estimates.
  6. Leverages built in Knowledge and Skill behavioral templates for systems, equipment, policies, procedures and processes.
  7. Enables designers to create new templates that are organization or industry specific.
  8. Provides tools to index and sequence task and supporting behaviors to create a comprehensive Knowledge and Skill inventory for indexing content, test items, objectives, performance criteria, personnel category requirements and certification requirements.

4KMx Dynamic Certifications automate course, class and continuum assignments based on any user attribute, including location, supervisory status, job classification, training history, current assignment, and more.

  1. Fully automates on-boarding, initial and recurring training requirements (annual, quarterly, etc.), including notifications and reminders.
  2. Comprehensive reporting, including summary analysis and comparative measurement.
  3. Gap analysis between current and potential assignments, including talent management reporting.
  4. Provides for language specific assignments based on user preferences and available courseware.

5.  KMxLive provides the capability of delivering virtual classroom training to 10,000 simultaneous end-users.

  1. Streaming video/audio, interactivity, chat, polling, presentation materials and content "push" capabilities.
  2. Comprehensive testing and survey capabilities that provide graded events and SCORM element tracking.
  3. Ability to deliver software application training to thousands of concurrent users directly from the instructor's workstation.
  4. Events are automatically recorded for immediate playback and use as reusable learning objects.

6.  KMx provides the ability to generate an unlimited number of chat rooms, threaded discussion boards and other collaboration tools for an unlimited end-user population.

  1. Threaded discussion boards respect administrative rights to provide a fully moderated environment.
  2. Collaboration tools support development of blogs, subscriber notification and email feeds.
  3. Chat rooms automatically record the transcript of activity for assignment and use as learning activities.
  4. Complete email queuing, list-service and template management to provide notification, alerts and reminders.

7.  KMx enables managers and administrator to dynamically create, modify and save reports and graphs from user, enrollment, course, class, SCORM and other data by simply selecting the columns or representative graphical elements from an easy to use menu.

  1. Reports can be portrait or landscape, have up to five sort criteria and have five independent filters.
  2. Provides the ability to delegate reports to managers and supervisors with automatic scope management.
  3. Reports can be output to MS Excel ® and HTML for easy sharing and printing.
  4. Dynamic graphs provide up to 200 graphed elements with nearly unlimited data filtering and selection.

8.  KMx provides the industry’s only fully integrated learning suite supporting all blends of training and education.

  1. eLearning development suite capable of producing fully SCORM conformant Shareable Content Objects and courses that can incorporate any SCORM conformant third-party courseware.
  2. Traditional learning development suite that supports design and development of instructor guides, student guides, self-study guides and eBooks.
  3. Learning management environment that provides comprehensive catalog, search, schedule, personnel category qualification, certification profiles and personalized learning paths.
  4. Learning delivery environment that will automatically adjust to the end-users language preference (with over 20 languages now available), brand affiliation, authority, and supervisory status.
  5. SCORM conformant Learning Content Management System that provides shared and stand-alone workflow environment with the ability to promote unlimited reuse of lessons, assets, test item, exams and more.
  6. The only virtual classroom technology with the ability to deliver, manage and track SCORM conformant testing, surveys and content for up to 10,000 simultaneous students..
  7. Complete performance and talent management system that provides qualification management, certification management, talent pool management, personnel and peer evaluations and more.
  8. Built-in interface for easy integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) technologies, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), eCommerce transaction processing technologies and more.

9.  KMx supports a truly unlimited number of end-users with no per-user, maintenance, or upgrade fees.

  1. Our KMxASP offering provides a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for unlimited end-users.
  2. Our KMx Enterprise offering provides an unlimited end-user software license agreement for installation in the client’s data center.
  3. All KMx offerings are provided with free software maintenance and upgrades.
  4. Even though we have competitor’s that offer unlimited end-user agreements, most of these offerings lack the ability to scale to large audiences, which significantly reduces the value of their "unlimited use" offering.  KMx is used by clients with millions of end-users on a single software installation.

10. KMx Mobile provides the industries only learning technology platform that can support the development and delivery of eLearning courseware for mobile devices, with full conformance to the SCORM learning management standard.

  1. Deliver and administer performance appraisals and peer reviews, provide instant access to company experts via chat rooms and threaded discussion forums, and deliver a robust content repository for just-in-time training
  2. Courseware can provide a rich media experience with audio, video, animations, exams, surveys, branching and interactivity

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