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KMx Capabilities

Your current learning technologies cannot compete with KMx

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KMx is an Advanced Distributed Learning Platform that provides fully integrated eLearning development, learning management, talent management, learning content management and virtual classroom technologies in one easy to use solution. KMx is one of the only learning platforms that is offered as either a software license (that you can install in your data center or in our state-of-the-art data center) or as a hosted service.

Our knowledge & skill based content management architecture is at the core of KMx. This approach enables content reuse and the ability to quickly develop programs that are measurable and maintainable.

KMx implements all SCORM requirements for a Learning Management System (LMS) including support of the SCORM Application Program Interface (API) and the SCORM Data Model. Additionally KMx provides fully automated processing of SCORM Content Packages providing the capability of Importing and Exporting a SCORM conformant content package without user intervention.

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