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Introducing KMxLive.com

The next generation of virtual classroom technology!

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KMxLive.com records participant progress, scores, session times and completion results to any learning management system that supports the SCORM standard with no integration expense. If you do not have a learning management system, KMxLive.com can generate email invitations for your event and provide extensive reporting features.

Unlike virtual meeting room technologies, KMxLive provides the ability to deliver measurable interactive training content to participants. KMxLive can deliver exams, games, surveys, simulations, web-forms and eLearning lessons.

On-demand users receive the full experience of the live attendees, including the ability to interact with elements delivered during the live event as if they were actually there.

KMxLive.com provides an extremely affordable solution for organizations that require a fully capable virtual classroom technology. With $1 event credits or annual room purchase options, KMxLive.com can provide the right solution for any size organization. We also offer discounts for the purchase of multiple rooms and for multi-year agreements.

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