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KMx Enterprise Special Offer

Thru December 31, 2023, KMSI is offering a FREE Artificial Intelligence integration upgrade (a savings of $20,000/year) to all new KMx Enterprise clients. KMx Enterprise Version 16 provides Instructional Systems Design and Development Automation, including AI Generated eLearning Lessons, Exams and Virtual Classroom Support Media.

Enterprise Learning for Unlimited Users

See a Presentation of the New KMx AI Features!

The presentation below was conducted on July 12, 2023. The Presentation reviewed the automation of the ADDIE Instruction Systems Design (ISD) model using KMx Enterprise. During the demonstration, a participant suggestion was used for the automatic generation of an eLearning course titled "Familiarization with the USPS Small Package Sorting System". The course generated during the presentation included 10 eLearning lessons. Each lesson was automatically generated using the new KMx Enterprise features with the OpenAI engine. All lesson content generated is fully editable using KMxAuthor.  

One of the 10 lessons generated during the presentation, titled "Operational Characteristics and Capabilities of the USPS Small Package Sorting System",
can be viewed with the following link.  

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