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Customer Support Simulations

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Our experienced customer service agent qualification specialists work with many of the largest organizations in the World to solve the most pressing problems facing call center and customer service managers, including:

  1. Improving agent recruitment and retention processes
  2. Streamlining agent initial and update training programs
  3. Creating standards to maximize use of customer, product and other supporting information systems
  4. Providing meaningful agent reporting tools and analytics
  5. Developing and implementing customer expectation benchmark programs

Call center agent simulations are an extremely cost-effective method to train and qualify customer service agents to provide exceptional service. Simulations are also a great tool for use in the recruiting process to set minimum candidate entry standards. KMSI simulations can be delivered using desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.  Watch the video below.

KMSI Simulation modes of operations include:

Teach me In this mode of operation the simulation shows the learner how to accomplish the task, step by step, to learn what must be done to accomplish the task effectively.

Guide me In this mode of operation the simulation requires the learner to accomplish the task themselves. If the learner fails to make the correct choice in any step the simulation shows the learner what the correct step should be.

Test me - In this mode of operation the simulation requires the learner to accomplish the task themselves and grades them on their ability to perform the task correctly.

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