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Customer Support Policy

Licensed customers of KMx and other KMSI products are eligible for technical support via phone and email. Telephone support is available 9:00 am Ė 5:00 pm ET, Monday Ė Friday, except holidays. In the event that all agents are busy, a voice mail message may be left. Voice messages will usually receive a response within one business day. The phone number for telephone support is (866) 501-5674.

Email requests for support should be addressed to support@kmsi.us. Requests should include a description of the problem or question and any alerts or messages reported by the system. Requests for support received by email will usually receive a response within one business day.

Customers may designate up to three customer service points of contact. KMSI will accept support requests from these designated individuals. KMSIís technical support services do not include support for the Customerís end user community.

KMSI will periodically publish patches to address minor bugs or defects in the software. Whenever an patch is released, all licensed customers will be notified via email. The update, as well as instructions for installation, will be made available for electronic distribution, usually via the Internet.

Premium Support Services

KMx customers requiring extended service hours and a faster response time may subscribe to KMSIís premium support services. For a fee of $2,000.00/month, you will have access to a live support representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Premium Support subscribers will be provided with a separate email address to contact support. The target response time for all calls initiated to Premium Support is four hours. As with KMSIís standard support service, Premium Support subscribers may designate up to three customer service points of contact to access this service. End user support is not included with Premium Support.

KMSI reserves the right from time to time to revise this support policy to better meet the needs of our customers. Licensed customers of KMx and other KMSI products will receive notice of KMSIís intent to change this policy at least 7 calendar days before the proposed change is to take effect. Customers subscribing to Premium Support services will receive at least 30 days advance notice of any intent to change the Premium Support practices.

KMxComplete Services

KMxComplete service offerings provide clients with expert personnel to assist with the implementation and administration of KMx learning technologies. Whether you are creating employee certification programs, defining personnel classifications, implementing new ways to measure organizational performance or creating and deploying new offerings, KMxComplete leverages industry experts dedicated to solving your unique requirements. KMxComplete services include the following:

KMxComplete pricing is based on the assignment of a fractional full-time LMS Support Specialist to the client's programs. Starting at only $1,500 per month*, this can be a great way to accelerate enhancements to your KMx site and programs.
* Fractional LMS Support Specialist assignments start at 1/2 day per week or 2 full days per month for a minimum term of 1 year.

Clients may also elect to pre-purchase LMS Support Specialist hours under the KMxComplete program. Pre-purchased hour consumption is managed by email communications between the client and the designated LMS Support Specialist. For each task requested by the client, the designated LMS Support Specialist will reply via email with an hours estimate and proposed schedule for task completion. Upon customer approval, the designated LMS Support Specialist will proceed with completion of the task. A summary of approved tasks requested and hours expended is provided to the client monthly until the pre-purchase hours are consumed. Under the pre-purchase method, clients receive a 10% discount off the standard LMS Support Specialist rate of $85.00 per hour. The minimum pre-purchased order using this method is $20,000 for 260 hours at the discounted rate of $76.92 per hour.

Other Professional and Technical Services

KMSI provides business consulting, training program development, software engineering and technical support services. KMSI has designed software solutions, performance improvement programs and customized learning portals for many of the largest companies in the world. Our service teams are managed by industry experts with the experience you need to implement successful programs. These types of engagements are conducted using a standard Professional and Technical Services Agreement. Download an example agreement using the link below:

Professional Services Agreement with Published Commercial Labor Rates