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Dynamic User Experience

Provide the optimum learning and talent management interface

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KMx provides client configurable interfaces that automatically adapt to the device, language preference, location, authority and brand affiliation for the currently signed-in user.

The KMx user interface was designed for easy customization and branding and is available with language packs to provide for localization and multilingual distribution.

Our unique “language pack” technology enables you to provide customizable translations of all user interfaces in virtually any language without having to rely on the translations provided by web-browsers and plug-in technologies. Our most popular language packs include English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese.

The user interface can include a number of client configurable elements, including a user configuration dashboard, a class availability calendar, a student activity schedule, public and restricted catalogs and a full eCommerce interface for organizations that need to monetize their offerings.

KMx also provides a forms generation engine that is capable of collecting any information associated with a user in context to the user’s role, location, authority, language and other criteria. KMx web forms can be delivered via the user interface, as part of a course or with full monitoring and proctoring during a KMxLive event with full reporting and record management.

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