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Dynamic Maps

Learning & talent management programs integrated with Google Maps™

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Create visualizations by person, location or geographic regions depicting certification accomplishments, deficiencies and group progress leveraging real-time performance management data.

KMx provides the industry’s most comprehensive tools for providing actionable data in a myriad of display types. Leveraging any data element, administrators can quickly design reporting tools that automatically adapt to accessing user's authority, role, permissions, location and other structured hierarchies.

Reports, charts, maps and other visualizations are interactive and provide drill-down features to enable your managers and supervisors to not only have the information they need, but also act on that information by linking to forms, performance evaluations, communication tools (email templates, notifications and end-user on-screen messaging). With customizable authority and access levels, KMx provides an end-to-end solution for any size enterprise with any level of complexity.

KMx reports, graphs, charts, maps and visualizations can be delivered stand-alone, as part of a course or during a live event with KMxLive. When delivered stand-alone, during a live event, as part of a course, or on any user interface screen the reports will automatically tailor and constrain the output to role, authority permission and other limitations prescribed for the viewing user.

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