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Comprehensive exams for measurable results

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KMx provides the industy's most comprehensive exam development and delivery engine. The exam engine is supported by extensive reporting tools and is suitable for high-stakes licensing and certification programs.

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The KMx exam engine is integrated with the KMx Game Engine that includes three familiar game interfaces to choose from. The engine provides clients with the ability to deliver existing exams, test items and quizzes as interactive games with full SCORM tracking. The KMx Game Engine is also integrated with KMxLive to enable moderators to conduct live competitions during a virtual classroom event.

KMx collects all user information available during exam administration, including responses provided, retake attempts/scores, time taken and statistical metrics associated with the exam group and each individual item delivered. KMx exams can be timed, proctored, virtual proctored (with video/audio), randomized, pool-based and segment weighted. KMx exam questions can be any one of a myriad of types, including true/false, multiple choice, user elements sequencing, matching, drag & drop. Exams can provide indivdual question remediation, references, media and other support elements.

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