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Free Learning Technology Evaluation Tool
A free technology evaluation and assessment tool that provides a comprehensive learning technology requirements analysis that can be tailored to your organizations unique needs.

Steps to complete your learning technology requirements analysis:

  1. Download the Learning Technology Evaluation Spreadsheet.  Click the "Save" option when prompted by your browser.
  2. Open the Learning Technology Evaluation Spreadsheet and complete the data entry areas highlighted in yellow, white and pink using the reference below.
  3. Review the calculations and graphs that the Learning Technology Evaluation Spreadsheet automatically prepares.
 Instructions and Cell Reference Information

What to do

  Areas highlighted in yellow are based on published baseline LMS information for a leading vendor and may require modification.  Place a 1 in the cells where the capability is available from your current or alternate vendor(s). An entry of 0 indicates the capability is not provided by your current or alternate vendor(s).
  Areas in white require entry/modification based on organizational needs. Assign points to each requirement based on organization need.  Assign more relative points to important elements.
  Areas in red require entry and may vary greatly based on the total number of end-users for vendors that charge on-demand or per-user fees.. Enter cost information for your current or alternate vendor(s).  Estimate cost impact to extend use of technology to customers, suppliers, partners, agents, etc.
Detailed Financial and Technical Capabilities Analysis:
Item Cost Elements       KMx ASP Hosted Service (unlimited users) Current/ Alternate Vendor(s)
1 Three Year Total License, User, Upgrade and Maintenance Fees     $99,000 $250,000
2 Three Year Hosting, Security and Data Backup/Recovery Fees     $0 $140,000
3 Three Year Total Fees for Extending System to Suppliers, Partners, Agents etc. $0 $220,000
4 Installation, Integration and Startup Fees       $5,000 $65,000
Total Three Year Cost of Ownership/Operation       $104,000 $675,000
Evaluated Technology Points Deficit       0 303
Evaluated Requirements Percentage Met       100% 43%
Evaluated Cost Per Requirement Point        $195  $2,948
Three Year Evaluated Value to Organization Based on Requirements Met      $104,000  $44,767

Presentation Quality Charts to Include in Your Budget Presentation:

Enables Organizations to Visually Compare Platform Capabilities and Projected Expense:

Provides Detailed Justification and Analysis to Support Your Unique Organizational Requirements:

Item  Virtual Classroom
 Technology Requirements
Requirement Weight KMx
Current Vendor Capabilities KMx Evaluation Points Current /Alternate Vendor Evaluation Points
1 Technology that easily integrates with the LMS for SCORM tracking and reporting 10 1 0 10 0
2 Uses off the shelf tools (like MS Powerpoint) for content creation 10 1 1 10 10
3 Technology that is scalable to class sizes greater that 500 students 10 1 0 10 0
4 Technology provides for  presentation, polling, and interaction with participants 10 1 1 10 10
Subtotal Virtual Classroom Technology 40     40 20

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