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Conversion of Existing Instructional Content to E-Learning
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Many organizations are converting their existing instructor led and video-based 
training materials to self-directed e-learning modules as a way to reduce 
delivery cost.  We have provided many organizations with the technology 
and services required to convert existing courseware to high-quality 
e-learning modules. Leveraging your existing instructor led or video-based 
training materials and the capabilities of KMx, our content conversion 
specialists can quickly create the  elements required to provide a 
compelling e-learning production. 

KMx was designed to reduce the costs attributable to development, 
conversion, delivery and maintenance of training materials.  KMx 
provides a systematic approach to 
the content capture, conversion 
and classification process by 
creation and management of 
highly granular content objects.                                                                        Learn about KMx - Click here

Many of our clients have already invested in a learning management system and are anxious to move their existing instructor-led and self-study materials online.  KMx is fully conformant with the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and is capable of producing e-learning programs that are easily imported into any SCORM conformant learning management system.  KMx provides  automated routines to generate course outlines and link training objectives to instructional content, accelerating the conversion process. The XML foundation of the system enables the creation of numerous output formats.  Our customers are provided with real-time administrative access to project materials to assess progress and contribute to the quality of the program.

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