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Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. is a private company. The officers of the company funded our initial product development and startup.  We recognize the value of strategic partners and the value that additional capital can bring to a growing business. Our aggressive marketing and sales efforts are supported by equally aggressive customer service and support initiatives.


"A recent Gartner study on e-learning reported that "training is moving online for the same reason that companies attempted outsourcing 10 years ago: not because it is better, but because it is cheaper and more measurable." E-learning has always had the lure of cost savings, but recent events have made any technology that helps avoid travel all the more attractive. Gartner analysts project that the global market for e-learning will grow from $2.1 billion this year to $33.6 billion in 2005 - about a 100 percent compound annual growth rate. And e-learning experts' phones are ringing off the hook."

PC Magazine, An Introduction to E-Learning Providers

This document is not an offering of securities.  Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to withhold company confidential information from potential competitors or prospective investors that may have a conflict of interest based on their holdings in competing firms.  Release of confidential information by Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. is subject to acceptance of a mutual  non-disclosure agreement.


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