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 eLearning Programs that Produce Results 

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Our eLearning development process identifies the delivery strategies and organizational priorities to produce results.  Leveraging the capabilities of KMx, our advanced distributed learning platform, our performance improvement specialists can engineer a program specifically designed to provide:
bullet Customer and Channel Education - Training to improve customer satisfaction that delivers incremental revenue, and reduces support costs.
bullet Product Launch Training - Accelerates go-to-market readiness to shorten "time to revenue" when rolling out new products. 
bullet Sales Force Readiness - Shorten the time it takes to bring new sales representatives up to full productivity levels and improve sales force effectiveness. 
bullet Employee Job Training - Provides the critical knowledge and skills required to deliver quality products and services. 
bullet Supplier Training Programs - Focused learning opportunities that enhance the skills and knowledge needed to maintain competitive advantage.

Targeting Business Metrics
eLearning programs that target measurable business metrics can provide a significant return on investment. Measurable returns normally follow a three step progression of focus starting with sales and ending with customer satisfaction. In each case a program plan and specific program objectives are developed to ensure that the behaviors, conditions and standards required to achieve the targeted improvement are achieved.

bullet Increase sales - A typical program might target a 15% sales increase for a specific product or service. The program plan would identify current market size, client market share, differentiators and high level sales strategies used for sale and support of the product/service. 
bullet Decrease the cost of goods sold - A typical program might target a 10% cost of goods sold decrease for a specific product or service. The program plan would identify the individual cost components, utilization of required resources, quality control methods and industry comparisons where available.
bullet Improve customer satisfaction - A typical program might target a 20% increase in customer satisfaction associated with a specific product or service. A program plan would be developed to quantify the appropriate customer service metrics including; customer service volume, returns/exchanges, complaints and repeat purchase clients. These metrics would be used to identify cost savings and potential areas for sales growth. 

A Six Phase Process
Our training development process implements change management methods to provide predictable outcomes. This process is based on the application of the instructional system design and development model specifically tailored to ensure performance-based results.

bullet Analyze - Provides the identification of behaviors, conditions and standards of performance required to produce the desired performance improvements. These elements are formed into program objectives documenting the primary goals and delivery strategies for the program.
bullet Design - Provides the preparation and organization of objectives for the individual performance improvement activities, the development of performance-based evaluation techniques and tasks, and a program evaluation executive summary.
bullet Develop - Provides the preparation materials (text, images, audio, video, and other media) required to convey and measure the performance improvement activities.
bullet Implement - Provides delivery of the performance improvement activities and evaluation materials to an initial audience to allow learners, facilitators, and project sponsors to evaluate the programs effectiveness. 
bullet Evaluate - Provides a quality management component for the program. Evaluation takes two forms, formative and summative. Measuring the achievement of the Program Objectives is a primary activity of this phase.
bullet Perform - Provides a continuous improvement process designed to evaluate accomplishment of organizational objectives and provide a process for implementing change.
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