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 KMxMobile - Complete Learning, Performance  & Talent Management for Mobile Devices
 Supports Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Kindle, Nook, Windows and Other Popular Mobile Devices
KMxMobile Playing a Vubiz eLearning Course on the Android HTC Aria "Our partnership with KMSI gives us both the opportunity to provide the most complete and effective eLearning package at the best price in the market,” explains Vubiz President and CEO, Jim Rapino. “We’re extremely happy with how easily our courses play on the KMx system and how great they look on KMxMobile."

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With KMxMobile, end- users can access courses, learning objects, exams and surveys using their iPhone, Android, Blackberry OS6, Nook Color, Amazon Kindle or Windows handheld device with full SCORM learning management capabilities, including:
  • Time tracking (when, by whom and for how long was the learning object accessed)
  • Bookmarking (allowing the user to save their progress and return at a later time)
  • Assessment Scoring and Remediation (recording each student response and tracking retakes)
  • Survey and Performance Appraisal Delivery
  • Pass/Fail and Completion Status Recording
  • Real-time tracking with no post-lesson upload of progress information
"Our extensive industry research has concluded that no other eLearning delivery platform enables users to switch between Smartphone, tablet, eReader, laptop and desktop devices at any time - without having to start over."

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KMxMobile Student Current Enrollments Navigator on the Apple iPhone

KMxMobile Course Outline on the Blackberry Playbook "Clients can now leverage mobile devices to administer performance appraisals, provide access to company experts via threaded discussion forums, and deliver a robust content repository for just-in-time training."

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KMxMobile is the only platform that provides development and delivery of eLearning courseware, knowledge management, performance management and collaboration tools for virtually all mobile devices, including the Apple iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry OS6, Amazon Kindle, Border Nook and Microsoft devices with full conformance to the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standard.

KMxMobile Course Navigator on the Amazon Kindle

"It is really exciting to see health care providers, insurance agents, sales executives and workers from all industries access learning objects and assessments using mobile devices in the field, instead of having to break away from the task to find a workstation to access critical information."

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The KMxMobile SCORM Application Programming Interface (API) is the only full implementation of the learning standard that has been designed to support both online and offline use. With the release of KMxMobile, this core platform technology has been extended to provide support for most mobile devices and hand-held technologies.

KMSI has also included a full mobile collaboration suite with the KMxMobile release. Collaboration features include mobile chat rooms, threaded discussion boards, surveys, performance evaluations, a searchable knowledge management system, a performance management system and talent management tools.

Features & Capabilities



No Downloads Required

Supports real-time delivery of eLearning with full SCORM conformance and tracking.

Requires download of content and later resynchronization with Learning Management System.

Start a Course on One Device and Pickup and Finish on Another

Enables users to switch between Smartphone, tablet, eReader, laptop and desktop devices at any time without losing progress or having to start over.

Requires users to complete entire course on the device that they started the course.

Play Third-Party eLearning Courseware

Enables courseware from Third-Party publishers to be delivered to mobile devices with full SCORM tracking capabilities.

Requires use of expensive proprietary authoring tools to develop courseware for mobile delivery.

Develop Rich-Media eLearning without Programming Skills

Enables developers to use Microsoft Office as their authoring environment and incorporate rich media and interactive elements including video, audio, exams and surveys.

Requires use of expensive proprietary authoring tools to develop courseware for mobile delivery.

Develop eLearning Using Third-Party SCORM Authoring Tools

Supports delivery of eLearning courseware developed using SCORM conformant third-party authoring tools.

Requires use of expensive proprietary authoring tools to develop courseware for mobile delivery.

Deliver eLearning to eReader devices

Support for Kindle, Nook and other popular eReader devices with full SCORM conformance.

Requires use of iPhone, Android or other high-end devices.

Leverage Reusable Learning Objects and Supporting Documentation to Provide Job Performance Support Provides an easy to use searchable knowledge management system that leverages learning objects, PDFs, MS Office files and other file formats for Just-In-Time and Just-Enough Performance Support. Not Available
Provide Collaboration and Communications Tools to Enhance and Facilitate Learning Provides fully searchable and moderated threaded discussion boards (with file attachment capability) and unlimited live chat rooms that support smart phones and other mobile devices. Not Available
Provide Performance Management Tools and Supervisory Controls Provides a complete supervisor dashboard with the ability to complete subordinate performance evaluations, job performance checklists, course assignments and much more. Not Available
Provide Calendar and Scheduling Support Tools Provides class availability calendar, instructor and resource scheduling tools and a consolidated user activities calendar. Provides synchronization with MS Outlook, Google, Lotus Notes and other popular scheduling tools. Not Available
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"KMxMobile courseware provides a rich media experience with audio, video, animations, exams, surveys, branching and interactivity."KMxMobile Course Catalog on the Nook Color eReader

Windows Mobile 6 Users:
If you are using a Microsoft Widows Mobile 6 device, KMSI recommends using the Skyfire browser.  Please visit for more information.  The KMx SCORM Application Programming Interface has also been tested with the Opera Mobile browser.  Please visit for additional information.  The current version of Mobile Internet Explorer is not recommended due to capabilities limitations.
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